4 Easy Steps for Providing Outstanding Shopping Experience for Your Online Customers

It’s well known that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, especially when you own an online store. If a customer doesn’t have a good shopping experience during his first purchase, that person probably won’t return to your store to make another. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just launched your online store or you’ve been running it for several years, it’s important to give your customers the best shopping experience possible. Customer experience has become a top priority for companies in 2019. Because for every business in order to make more sales it’s necessary to both acquire new customers and keep them returning for repeat purchases. That’s why making the buying process enjoyable and as easy as possible for them is an important part of running a successful online store. If you do that, customers are most certainly come back to shop for more.

Here at Growave, we work with more than 4500 Shopify brands and everyday we analyze each merchant’s website. And after reviewing so many online shops we came up with 4 tips that could help you provide a better shopping experience for your customers and drive more repeat sales to your store. We would like to share them with you and tell you about our new features and updates that we’ve launched this September.

4 Easy Steps For Providing an Outstanding Shopping Experience for Your Online Customers:

1. Make Your Website’s General Appearance and Functionality Pleasant

As an online store, your website is your first impression. No customer wants to shop on a poorly looking website. And while your competitor shops are only a click away, your potential customers will not spend their time browsing a terrible looking website. Once a customer arrives you have to convince him to stay and encourage to browse, that’s why your website’s general appearance is an important first step towards better conversions. 

Try to keep a balance between pictures and text on your page so it’s both visually attractive and informative. Don’t forget that the customer is here to buy something, so he would need to see not only products’ photos and videos, but also products’ information. Make it high-quality information to improve the shopping experience. That means great photos and videos on your website. The navigation also needs to be easy. It shouldn’t be hard for a customer to find needed products or shipping information. 

Your website’s theme, colors, logo, and font play a huge role and need to be designed to harmonize with one another. Avoid unappealing color combinations and too many pop-up messages. 

Good thing that Growave is here to make every merchants’ lives better. Now the welcome admin page became more interactive – we give you an option to choose the theme you want to integrate our platform with and attach rewards, wishlists, and reviews files that you need to import.

2. Develop a Great Loyalty and Rewards Program to Delight Your Customers

Loyalty and Reward programs are a huge help in eCommerce. They increase conversions from your current customers while rewarding them for their repeat purchases. Offering memberships and exclusive products, promotions, and pricing is a great way to engage more with your customers and grow retention.

The goal is to attract new customers and keep the existing ones and create profitable long-term relationships with both. Don’t only focus on the money, try to understand your buyers and meet their needs in order to launch a successful loyalty and rewards program.

And please say hi to our new Rewards – Refund settings. We’ve added the ability to select several order statuses to make full or partial points refund.

3. Try to Minimize the Hassle at the Checkout for Your Customers

Keeping it simple was always nice for all types of business, so simplifying your store’s transactions should be too. Customers appreciate uncomplicated online payments and transactions.

There a lot of ways you can simplify the checkout process and improve the customer’s shopping experience. For example, make shopping cart viewing while customers are still shopping, try offering a wide variety of payment options, make it easy to fill out the shipping information and so the customers don’t need to enter the same information twice. Also, the prices and fees should be included and shown in their shopping cart.

Awesome news – we’ve made a new integration for the Shopify POS app, so now you don’t need to open a separate menu to redeem customer points. All available discounts will be shown during the check out process, depending on how much points do they have, and the selected discount will automatically apply to the order.

4. Always Leverage User-Generated Content on Your Website

eCommerce brands that leverage user-generated content enjoy sustainable growth. It’s great to give your customers an idea of what a product looks and feels like and leveraging UGC is one easy solution to imitating that in-store experience online. Customers get a true idea of what a product is really like by seeing how other real customers are using it. That’s why displaying real customer photos on your eCommerce site is proven to increase sales at least twice.

That’s one of the reasons why marketing strategies that are built around social media influencers have become so popular lately. Influencers became a great way to promote posting about your brand on social media among customers and help build out content across your online store.

And here comes one of the best parts of our new updates – we’ve added Instagram stories feature. Now you can display your shop’s Instagram stories in the gallery on your website. The rule is the same as on Instagram – they are shown for only 24 hours and then they disappear.

I hope these steps will help you improve your customers’ shopping experience in your store and you will keep in mind our new great features. Show your customers why they should shop at your online store, so they won’t go shopping anywhere else.

I hope these steps will help you improve your customers’ shopping experience in your store and you will keep in mind our new great features. Show your customers why they should shop at your online store, so they won’t go shopping anywhere else.