Black Friday Cyber Monday By the Numbers 2019

Those crazy days of Black Friday Cyber Monday sales are over, but everyone is still discussing it as BFCM 2019 broke every possible record. This year BFCM sale was bigger and better than ever before, and now when all of our merchants made great sales, their clients are happy, and everyone is counting the money – it’s time to review the results in numbers.

Adobe Analytics reported that Black Friday hit $7.4 billion, and Cyber Monday has brought in an additional $9.2 billion, which is $2.5 billion more if compared to last year. And now December 2, 2019, aka Cyber Monday, is determined as the biggest online shopping day ever in American history.

Source: Adobe, 2019
Source: Adobe, 2019

As for Shopify stores – according to Shopify’s report, Shopify merchants broke records with $2.9+ billion in total sales during BFCM 2019’s sale, making more than $1.5 million per minute at their peak.

More than 175 countries took part in BFCM sales, over 25.5 million customers worldwide and an average of $83.05 per order – those are some outstanding numbers for Shopify merchants. This year London and Toronto ranked in the top-selling cities, apparel and accessories got the most orders during BFCM, and mobile remains the preferred shopping channel with 69% of sales made on phones or tablets, while just 31% occurred on desktop. 

Each year Shopify merchants prepare their online stores for BFCM sales, run ads campaigns, and offer great discounts, and all of that helps them to make more and more money, breaking all the records from year to year. So if you want to succeed in BFCM 2020, check out these tips on how to prepare your Shopify store for BFCM sales and make sure you build strong customer relationships and social proof on your products with Growave.