Case Study: How Growave helped SM Global Shop to work on their relationship with customers

It takes a lot of effort to make an online store blow up and stay successful, and we here at Growave are always happy and proud to be a part of that growth. Today we want to share a story of SM Global Shop – one of the fastest growing online stores that we work with. We spoke with the Co-founder of SM Global Shop Daniel Kim, asking him about his store and here’s what we learned.

SM Global Shop is an online store that sells official SM Entertainment fashion merchandise. They have partnered with SM Entertainment to provide official K-Pop apparel and accessories to spread Korean culture globally. Fans of K-Pop groups like SuperM, NCT127, EXO, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet go absolutely crazy about SM Global Shop as the majority of their sales support SM Entertainment Artists and all album sales from SM Global Shop officially count towards the Billboard Charts. 

It’s phenomenal how a lot of the items in the store sell out very quickly and fans pre-order these items or wait for restocking. It’s needless to say that SM Global Shop’s customers are very loyal as the shop has built strong customer relationships by using loyalty programs and reviews.


The K-Pop explosion

K-Pop is a multi-billion dollar industry and undeniably a unique phenomenon. It recently managed to shock people around the world with their sudden explosion in popularity. And on the wave of K-Pop globalization SM Global Shop saw an opportunity and took over the niche.

Daniel Kim started this brand to bring the latest trends of SM Entertainment K-Pop merchandise to the US and international market, with hopes of expanding it to the whole world. This is what Daniel says about how it all started:

“Due to the recent popularity of K-Pop internationally, I found that there was a high demand from fans to bring their favorite K-Pop products around the world. I saw this as a huge opportunity and decided to take the risk with Urban Coconut (who holds the SM Entertainment license) and we co-founded SM Global Shop together one year ago. Since then, we’ve managed to grow into 1.2million fans on Facebook from around the world with a website generating 400,000 sessions monthly.”


One of the biggest challenges for SM Global Shop was the enormous amount of fake products that claimed to be the official SM entertainment product. Daniel and his co-founders decided to differentiate themselves from the competition by working together with SM Entertainment directly and getting certified label stickers on each of their products. Through this partnership, they were able to help out artists through royalty sales from product sales as well.

On working with Growave

When SM Global Shop switched to Growave from another app, they pleased by its ability to integrate very easily with their Shopify platform and offer multiple features like reviews, loyalty and rewards, referral program, social login, wishlists, and automated emails – all in one app. 

“Through reviews, we are able to build social proof on our products, and through rewards, we were able to keep our customers happy.”

-Daniel Kim, founder of SM Global Shop.

Daniel also mentioned that Growave helped them with migration to Shopify Plus, and other apps: 

“I remember I didn’t know how to integrate the flows to work with Growave, plus our email marketing software Klaviyo, but your support team was very helpful.”

Growave’s marketing platform was created to help Shopify merchandisers to build strong customer relationships. As we all know, loyal customers are the backbone of any business as they keep coming back to shop for more and they can promote your products and services, becoming your business’s advocates.

Daniel emphasizes that our marketing platform helped SM Global Shop to have a stronger connection with their customers:

“We were able to really work on our relationships with our customers and think of more creative ways to interact and reward them.”

Let’s Talk Numbers

It’s been 10 months since SM Global Shop started working with Growave, during which there have been some impressive results. So let’s review some of them by the numbers.

Since integrating with Growave more than 27 million points were given away to customers by SM Global Shop in Rewards Program. Customers have created accounts, placed orders and reached tiers in order to earn the points and exchanged them on valued items and discounts. 

And more than 5.2 million points were spent out of that amount, making a 20% redemption rate. This shows how Rewards Programs can let you offer value to your customers and motivate them to like and promote your brand. The more rewards they gain the more they are likely come back again to your store. 


Social Login and Reviews. While using this features SM Global Shop has got over 100k members in their Social Login program as well as over 13541 reviews to their products.


Wishlists indicate customer’s interest in a product by giving an opportunity to save a product for later in their user account. When a customer is ready to make a purchase and returns to your store he quickly finds them. Also after all the data from hundreds or thousands of wishlists is analyzed you can see what products are trending more and measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Only during the last several months, more than 156 826 items were added to wishlists on SM Global Shop’s store.

Automated emails work as a reminder to purchase things that customers liked or will need in the future. There are a series of emails about saved wishlist items, which can be modified in the Growave’s dashboard. During a short period of time while integrating with Growave more than 34 861 automated emails were sent out to the customers with more than 67% open rate

Referral program – you can benefit by letting your customers earn points or get discounts for referring new ones to your store. For each member, we will generate a unique referral link which will lead to your shop. The referral traffic number for SM Global Shop is 2300.


These tools that are mentioned above could be total game-changers for your business as an online store. We are proud to see SM Global Shop skyrocket their retention numbers and sales. We hope they will grow more and continue their mission – making it easier for fans all around the world to purchase authentic beloved artists’ goods!

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