February’s Roundup: improved Instagram Photos & Reviews apps, and minor fixes

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Mar 7, 2018 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on May 7, 2019.

Yay! We are very happy to announce February’s update. Over the past month, we have been working hard on new amazing tools. We have changed our dashboard so you could see detailed statistics, improved our Reviews app and Instagram Photos apps, and fixed minor issues. Below you can see a brief summary of all updates.

Instagram Photos

Dashboard. We have greatly improved a dashboard so you can easily search tags, edit the gallery, tag products, and see how many products are tagged on the image.

An updated photo pop-up makes it easy for customers to browse galleries and buy items right from the galleries.

Editing gallery. Now you can easily set up how many columns and rows you need. A new selector allows you to do it with a couple of clicks.


Reviews tab on the Facebook page. A new super easy Facebook integration allows you to showcase reviews from your site on your Facebook page. In order to set it up, please go here and connect your Facebook page. That’s it!

Group reviews. If you more often create a new product rather than displaying a variant of the product, then this tool would greatly help you. Now you can link reviews to newly created products by tags. We have prepared a guide that shows how to do it.

Importing reviews. It was greatly improved, so now it’s much easier to import reviews from other apps.

Review titlesThis one of the many features you guys asked to add, so we did! You only need to go to our dashboard and enable with one click.

Other small improvements:

Search for People. It makes it easy for the customer to find each other on the People page.

Note: Feature is no longer available for new customers

Dashboard Analytics. We have slightly improved the design of the Analytics section in our dashboard. So you can easily see your data.

Enjoy this update and let us know what you think in comments below. If you haven’t tried our app yet, install it for free.