Get Inspired and Inspire Others. How MantraBand Increased Sales by Promoting Lifestyle of Optimism and Positivity

“Live In The Moment.”

Life is full of ups and downs but it’s important to keep thinking positively throughout everything. Wouldn’t it be nice to always have an inspirational message with you that would remind you to choose happiness and be present in every moment? Well, now you can simply slip a message of peace, strength, and love on your wrist as an accessory and get motivated everytime you take a glance at it.

MantraBand – a California based brand, one of Growave’s users that believes that positive thinking and mindfulness can lead to a better life. They offer authentic jewelry with inspiring and uplifting messages on each. In their online store you can find rings, necklaces and mantra books, but what people really do love the most – is their beautiful bracelets with mantras, that are designed to be lightweight, comfortable and durable, so people could wear them every day. A simple bracelet that comes in 6 colors works as an accessory for both men and women, but the magic part is that they mean so much more to each customer. People wear MantraBand bracelets every day as their daily affirmation and inspiration. They choose their live mantras or print a custom message and keep the chosen memory forever with them. That’s the power of words.

“She Believed She Could, So She Did.”

MantraBand was launched in the summer of 2012. Since the beginning, the company’s mission has been to inspire and empower the whole planet with positive messages. Aysel Gunar, founder and CEO of MantraBand talks about how it all started:

“Back in 2012, I was a new mom and a grad student. I wanted a way to remind myself to be more present and to worry less, something simple and durable, that I could wear everyday, so I designed these bracelets with 5 mantras on them.”

After launching the company Aysel faced some challenges as she still worked another job, attended a grad school and was raising a toddler. But the company had a positive response from the customers and amazing support, providing Aysel with the energy to keep going. So after 2 years, she started working full time at the MantraBand and the company started growing rapidly.

“Find Your Mantra.”

Customers are the most important part of MantraBand. Aysel says that the company wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is right now without word of mouth, customer feedback, and all the love they get from the customers.

But MantraBand gives so much more to each customer. Positive thinking and mindfulness are important today as our lives get busy and stressful. And one inspiring look at your mantra on a bracelet reminds you of what was all of it done for and where is it all going. Here’s one of the reviews, that shows how people actually feel about their bracelets:

“This bracelet is my daily reminder I can do anything I set my mind to. Just a beautiful message and I love that it’s only meant for me to see. Keep up the good stuff Mantra team!” 

-Elise P., a customer of the MantraBand

MantraBand is also caring about giving back to the community and is a proud member of 1% For The Planet and donates at least 1% of annual sales to non-profit organizations to protect, preserve, and restore the natural environment. Their CharityBands® line of bracelets supports charities that create a positive impact on women’s and children’s issues. They donate $5 from the sale of each CharityBand to the supported charity.

“Keep Moving Forward”

 “We have generated tens of thousands of dollars in revenue that can be attributed to the use of Growave on our site.”


We’ve asked MantraBand how the company runs its online store so successfully and keeps increasing its sales from day to day as a part of our case study of the company. As an online store, they know the value of a loyal customer and how important is it to let the customer have a good experience while shopping. It’s also important not only to attract new visitors to your store but to convert each visitor into a customer. So when choosing from a big range of Shopify Apps to attract the customers and boost sales, MantraBand was looking for Wishlists, Social Share buttons, Instagram galleries, Rewards program, and Automated emails for Wishlist.

While browsing Shopify app store MantraBand was pretty upset with a high price of alternative apps. The company had to integrate with different apps for each feature like the FourSixty app for Instagram Galleries and Wishlist King app for Wishlists. That’s why discovering Growave: all-in-one marketing platform less than 5 months ago brought many solutions as all the apps they needed were under one dashboard, the price was more than attractive and the app offered lots of features. So every feature that MantraBand were looking for in different apps was found in just one platform, and it saved the company’s money and time. The company also loved Growave’s customer support as they would reply quickly and help with integrations and importing of the data of previous apps. 

“The customer service is exceptional. They are extremely patient and helpful as I continue to try Growave to optimize my store. Best customer service on Shopify. I loved the easy integrations and Growave made the transition seamlessly. Our customers didn’t even notice the shift to a new app!


“Dream Believe Achieve.”

Dream bigger, believe with all your heart, face your fears, achieve your dreams.

Did you ever think about why do most online store owners choose these exact tools in the first place? These tools could be total game-changers for your business as an online store. For example, wishlists indicate customer’s interest in a product by giving an opportunity to save a product for later in their user account. When a customer is ready to make a purchase and returns to your store he quickly finds them. Also after all the data from hundreds or thousands of wishlists is analyzed you can see what products are trending more and measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 

Only during the last 5 months, more than 311 unique products were added to more than 34 608 wishlists on MantraBand’s store.

As told by MantraBand the most appealing feature for them was that the wishlist app was already set up with automated emails. 

“The wishlist app was already set up with automated emails to nudge customers to purchase items on their wishlist at key points in the buyer journeys.”


Automated emails work as a reminder to purchase things that customers liked or will need in the future. There are 5 series of emails about saved wishlist items, which can be modified in the Growave platform. During a short period of time while integrating with Growave more than 3000 automated emails were sent out to the customers with the more than 35% open rate

Rewards Programs let you offer value to your customers and motivate them to like and promote your brand, to repeat purchases and increase their customer lifetime value. It’s well known that people love discounts and rewards are ready to hunt for them on your website if you let them, whether they need to log in, share on Facebook, or write a review. The more rewards they gain the more they come back to buy again and again from your store. 

Since integrating with Growave more than 3.7 million points were given away to customers by MantraBand. Customers have created accounts, placed orders and reached tiers in order to earn the points and exchanged them on valued items and discounts. What is also great about Growave’s rewards is that they can also be imported or given out for past actions.

MantraBand also loved the user-friendly Instagram galleries feature. As lots of new customers come from Instagram nowadays, Instagram shoppable galleries are important for the online store, especially MantraBand as they have more than 237K followers on Instagram. More than 50 000 photo views and 290 added to the cart items show a great result for a store like MantraBand.

“My Story Is Not Over Yet.”

What should we expect from MantraBand in the future? They are promising to continue adding more mantras and expanding their necklace and men’s lines, and also are planning to continue growing internationally. The company believes in the power of positive thinking and wants to continue to inspire and empower as many people as they can.

We here at Growave say that MantraBand is a great example of a successful online store. It offers great quality products, cares about giving back and charity and the most important thing –  appreciates their customers by offering them value and making their shopping comfortable. That’s why their customers are always happy and loyal and come back to shop for more.

Keep going, your story is not over yet.