Save time with Growave Workflows in Shopify Flow

Quick note: Flow is only available for Shopify Plus merchants.

Today all of us at Growave are incredibly proud to announce that we have released a connector for Shopify Flow! The more your store grows, the more time it takes from you daily. The main advantage of using Flow together with Growave platform is to save your precious time by creating automated workflows. Technology tools are changed, automating workflows are transparent and accessible now for everyone.


What are Flow and Connectors?

Shopify Flow’s trigger, condition, and action logic

Flow is basically an automation platform that helps you save time so that you could focus on growing your business. It’s a great tool which you can use for time-consuming as well as repetitive tasks. It allows you to automate tasks and ideas within your store and also across your apps. The most important aspect of Flow is the capacity to connect applications between each other. You can use Connectors to set up workflows which automate your operations.

There is no need to be proficient in programming as it has three simple elements such as trigger, condition, and action. Triggers are events which run in store or in an app, for example, an order is created, or a customer is added to an app. Conditions make sure that your workflow runs actions only when certain conditions are met. Actions are tasks which can make changes to objects in your store as well as in apps.


How does Flow work with Growave?

Example of Automation Flow 1 (Growave + Gorgias)

Example of Automation Flow 2 (Growave + Klaviyo)

The integration allows you to create several flows that automate your email campaigns generated by Growave. Along with it, it’s a great way to provide support to make your customers happy. You can create several flows: special conditions that are triggered by some action and then performs some reaction to such actions. Currently, Flow can be integrated with Klaviyo, personalized automated emails app and Gorgias, customer relationship management system for shop owners.


Examples of integration with Klaviyo and Gorgias

Customer’s loved items are back in stock (Growave + Klaviyo)

Let’s start with Klaviyo integration and how does Flow application help in this case. As you know Growave sends series of automated review request and Wishlist reminder emails:

  • Customer’s loved items are back in stock
  • Customer’s loved items are waiting
  • Customer’s preferred products are available
  • Customer’s wishlist will be sold out soon
  • Customer’s wishlists are on sale
  • Request a review for a recently purchased item

We cooperate with Klaviyo to make our own automated email look prettier and personalized. Most of Shopify merchants prefer Klaviyo integration for automated emails. Firstly, we import our flows for automated emails (6 autoresponders) into the Flow app and then configure them:

  • Someone left a negative review – starts a workflow when negative feedback is received
  • Someone asked a question – starts a workflow when a question is asked

More information about the integration between Growave and Klaviyo you can find here.


Someone left a negative review (Growave + Gorgias)

And the next integration relates to Gorgias, customer relationship management service for shop owners. Integration with Gorgias touches 1 feature of Growave, it is ‘Reviews‘.

Growave + Gorgias allow you to get reviews and questions in helpdesk panel. Because it would be easy for you to provide solutions quickly and check all notifications from integrated Slack channels.

So, how it gonna work? It’s necessary to import several .flow files (these flow templates are fully customizable) inside Flow application and make specific configurations there, repeat the same procedure with Gorgias as well:

  • Someone asked a question
  • Someone left a negative review

If someone wrote a negative review or asked a question, you will see a notification in the Gorgias. Please follow this link to know more about the integration between Growave and Gorgias.

It does not really matter what you are doing, either it is a new promotion in your store or payment procedure. The only thing is important, it is a time which Flow can provide as well as save for you. Overall, automation tools are the future of eCommerce, and with Shopify Flow, you can concentrate on the acceleration of your business.

Connect Growave with Flow now.