How to Create Successful Loyalty Programs – 5 Effective Tips

Leveraging loyalty programs on your website it’s an important marketing strategy, as they let you offer value to your customers and motivate them to like and promote your brand, to repeat purchases and to increase their customer lifetime value. We know that people love getting discounts and rewards, and they are ready to hunt for them on your website if you let them. The more points and rewards they gain the more they come back to redeem them and shop more with you.

Thank your most loyal customers by using a system of ranks or tiers, to keep the best ones engaged with your loyalty program and your business. For example, when reaching a certain condition or making a purchase, customers in addition to or instead of points gets a special status that allows them to enjoy certain privileges or get access to additional features.

Shopify Apps Store offers a bunch of apps with Loyalty and Rewards Program like Growave. So use the power of reward programs, make sure you use your customers’ love for getting rewarded, and show your love by providing value to each of them.

We here at Growave are ready to help you to build your own Shopify store, and in this article, we are sharing 5 effective tips on how to create a successful Loyalty and Rewards program:

1. Keep Things Simple

In order to make sure that all of your customers understand your loyalty and rewards program try not to overcomplicate it. Otherwise, customers will ignore the program and never use it. The main idea of keeping it simple is making the whole process easy for your online shoppers to understand and easy to participate in. if you give out points to customers after they make a purchase on your website, make sure those points are easy to track and there’s an explanation on how they can redeem them.

2. Introduce Personalization

Personalization is not that complicated, all you need is the information that you’ve gathered on your customers and your own creativity to spice up your loyalty schemes with that knowledge. Sending out personalized cards on the special events or birthdays, and maybe extra perks for those who keep coming back to your store again and again. Always go extra and beyond to show your best customers that they are special and that you appreciate their business with you, and they’ll be inspired to come shop again, especially with the many perks and rewards you send their way.

3. Understand Your Audience

Before implementing your perfect reward programs, make sure you know your buyer persona. The key to the success of any loyalty and rewards program is in the basic knowledge of your target audience – from their demographics information to current preference trends. You can collect that data when a customer logs in to your store or from direct surveys and casual customer interactions through social media engagement.

4. Offer Easy Ways to Earn and Redeem Points

Customers need to get their rewards in the most hassle-free way while they are shopping on your website because the last thing they want is to go through a ton of steps to claim that $10 discount or free shipping option. An effective customer loyalty program’s key is in the active participation of your shoppers in collecting points and redeeming their rewards. So consider giving points frequently enough so that your customers get their rewards and perks right away and use them.

5. Surprise And Delight Customers Along The Way

The main reason why customers want to join your loyalty and rewards program is to get those pint and special discounts. Those perks are a great way to get them to join the loyalty program, but keeping them engaged with is also very important. It’s a common mistake for merchants and later many of them wonder why no one is using their loyalty program.

Persistent online shoppers participate in several loyalty programs at once but are actually engaged only to the half of them. There are thousands of different loyalty programs available today, so yours needs to stand out and keep the customers engaged and delighted.

Customer loyalty and reward programs can boost your sales and improve customer retention if done right. Never underestimate the power of the loyalty program as they can make a huge impact on the success of your business. Leverage the right loyalty program on your online store’s website and manage it well and the results won’t make you wait for too long.