How to Get Customers to Shop With You?

It’s now easier than ever to create an online store of your own. With the birth of website builder platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, or Weebly, building an online store is a piece of cake, even if you’re not a tech-savvy! 

As a business owner, you want a prospect or a browser to become your customers. Also, you want the repeat business from them. Getting people to buy from you seems the first and foremost struggle for you, right? 

You’ve done everything you can to launch your product to the world. But, your time and effort will be meaningless if your product can’t reach the group of potential customers.

The good news is, 

We pulled together 11 trusty methods you can use to get consumers to shop with you. You won’t know what works for you until you give it a try. 

So let’s start getting your store loads of orders!

11 Methods to Draw Customers towards Your Online Business

1. Discounts, Sales, and Offers

People prefer online shopping since they get to choose from a variety of options sitting right in their beds. Not only this, offers and discounts from the online stores provide them with an affordable option. Discount is not a long-term strategy but works great when you have to gain new customers, and also generates repeat business. 

When launching a new product, you want as many people to buy it as possible. Promoting a pre-order discount on upcoming products is a good example of a discount to attract new customers. 

Red Rooster Coffee Roaster did this very well:

They added the scarcity to the offer by limiting the number of orders to 30. In this way, this coffee provider made their offer seems more exclusive, hence drives more traffic to the product. The clever thing about Red Rooster coffee here is, they didn’t offer a large discount on their new product because doing so will devalue it in the prospect’s mind. Hence, only a small quantity of discount is applied. So make sure you put on discounts, sales, and offers wisely.

2. Accurate and Authentic Product Information – Content Marketing

Content marketing is a valuable part of your business as it encourages shoppers to buy stuff from your online store. To gain the trust of the audience, make sure the product information is accurate and authentic.

Amazon has offered the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch for $216.90 dollars, if they charge more than this afterwards excluding shipping, it will not encourage users to buy again from Amazon.

3. Store Aesthetics and Navigability

A user-friendly interface is all you need to attract consumers to your platform. Remember, your site will be used by a child or an old lady, so make sure you provide your customers with an outstanding shopping experience. People who come to your website want a very simple interface that allows them to shop easily. When you complicate the process, they will surely switch to another site. Therefore, bear in mind to make your store easy to use!

Also, if your storefront is nice, people will ultimately be encouraged to buy from it. You should add graphics and colored templates; make sure the files are not too heavy. It may increase the loading time of the website.

Haus showcases excellent navigation for the store. The store classified the products into categories, so it’s easy for browsers to search for what they exactly need.

4. Customer Care and Service

It is not always important that a customer is highly satisfied with his/her purchase. Therefore, it is vital to provide them with helpful customer care and service. It will not only build a robust business-consumer relationship, but the hassle-free service will provide a surety that they can trust you with other purchases as well.

As shown below, Amazon offers various options like returns and refunds, shipping rates, etc for helping the customers after the purchase. By doing this, consumers know where to seek help.

5. How to’s and Product Guides

A consumer-friendly guide that lets the audience know how a product works will make everything easier. Even though they will be provided with a full-fledged guide along with the stuff they buy, they will be glad to see the same in the product description. It makes the purchase easier for the customer when he/she knows how a product works beforehand and if they will be able to operate it.

For example, Amazon displays all the features and functions on the side of the product (Instant Pot Pressure Cooker) to let users know about the features and functions as illustrated by the image below.

6. Loading Speed and Mobile Friendly Store

Never underestimate the importance of a fast website. An aesthetically pleasing website will not help if it takes seconds to load. Remember, heavy graphics can be a significant reason behind this. So, consider losing some and streamlining your site to load faster. You can monitor the loading time through Google Analytics to make sure it takes less than six seconds for your website to load. 

Also, make sure your site is mobile optimized since the majority of traffic is obtained through a mobile. Think of your mobile-using customers and make sure you do everything to make their purchase easy.

As an example, GTmetrix is an online site optimization website that checks the loading speed and other parameters of the website, Biko (a jewellery seller) has fully loaded time as 6.2s which is relatively good.

7. Sponsorships and Influencers

If you plan to partner with influencers, then go ahead! Influencer marketing is trending nowadays. They make sure their audience can see your product or service so that more traffic is generated to your website. To pull an effective strategy, make sure to collaborate with the right social media influencers. Your product will be displayed in the posts of the influencer who you approach. In return, you will have to pay the influencer an amount of money. 

As an example, the image below shows an advertisement by Zara when they invite influencers, which is a great way to encourage customers.

 8. Social Media Posts that Resonate with the End-Customer

In an era where everyone is on social media, you have to display what your brand has to offer on different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Pick the channel which is right for your business and make sure you participate authentically. Social media will also help you create a strong brand story that they can share with others. 

For example, the picture below shows a teddy bear lamp along with the option of Shop now! from Amazon.

9. Referral Marketing

One of the most valuable methods to gain customers is referral marketing. It works in such a way that you reward your users when they refer your online store to their friends. You can do it in a very simple method where the online store is run by a referral marketing software that automatically draws customers to your store. Most of the time, code is generated, which has to be used by the person who is referred by his friend. This is a secure method of customer acquisition while you are busy running your online store and have a lot on your plate.

Take Overtone, for instance, they motivate customers to refer the brand to friends by giving out $10 for each referral.

10. Increase Transparency into their Operations

Honesty and transparency are essential to run a successful business. Everyone running an online store must take measures to make it a long-term profitable business. It can only be done if your business is made transparent for the customer. Your operation team should satisfy the customers in a way that they know when the product or service will be right at their doorstep. Whether you own an online retail store or an online delivery service, your customers should know all about what is being provided to them.

As an example, the image below shows an Amazon operations center in Ohio, if required this needs to be highlighted in the form of images or videos in front of the customers for their encouragement.

Bonus Point: Using social media to gain more customers is the correct strategy, but there can be a hurdle if you overdo it. You need to make sure you use it smartly and not overindulge in posting stuff online since the posts can be considered spam and can be removed as well. 

11. Finding Live Trending Products For Your Store

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We hope our 11 methods to bring customers to your online store above have inspired you and help you draw the right direction. Make sure you consider the steps mentioned above to obtain customers and make them stay long with you!

Now, share with us, what are the cleverest ways you’ve heard to bring customers to your store?

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