A story about how UNIQSO nailed their conversions by using three simple features

Uniqso is a Shopify-based store that serves those who love fashion and glamour.

It was founded by Lee Lee and her brother Felix. At first, they were just selling nail tints and polishes imported from all over the world. As the business grew, products range expanded. Lee Lee and Felix started selling eye contacts, makeup, and even costumes. And now we see Uniqso as a successful store, with more than 142k followers on Instagram and about 100.000 visits a month.



Being a popular store with thousands of followers and visitors didn’t help LeeLee and Felix avoid a problem of converting them into actual buyers. This issue motivated store owners to look for help on the Shopify App Store. Trying to find a suitable solution for their shop they have checked out a bunch of different apps. And as a result of various tests and tryouts, they have decided that Growave was a perfect choice for their store as it is flexible and offers all the needed features for a growing shop.

Since then Growave is happy to provide Uniqso with adequate solutions.

“We do not have IT department, so we have to study all the marketing products ourselves, we are lucky as Growave is very supportive in this area. Growave is easy to control and the most important, friendly and supportive platform.”


With the help of #InstaPower

Speaking of Instagram, we all know how popular this channel is nowadays. Millions of people are scrolling through Instagram feed looking at celebrities, friends or in this case online shops. Uniqso has over 142 thousand followers on Instagram, which means there are 142 thousand of potential customers looking for the products the shop posts. It is a great place to promote your business and attract more customers. Which is exactly what Lee Lee did using our Instagram Photos product.

It lets pulling out images from the Instagram account and putting them in a beautiful gallery on the website. The best part about it is that its feature allows tagging products on images, which lets customers purchase liked items straight from the image in your gallery.

This feature took a huge part in bringing more visits to Lee Lee’s site and convert visitors into buyers.

“Instagram gallery is very convenient for customers. It lets them check the product they saw on Instagram instead of searching it on the site. Most of the times customers just give up if they can’t find the needed item”

Want to know how our gallery looks in the action? Check out our demo store.


In the trust of Reviews

We all know that the sales percentage of the products with the reviews is a lot higher than the products that have no reviews at all. And since not that many customers are willing to rate the item after they purchase it and the lack of feedback affects potential customers, Growave offers a bunch of products to automate the communication with clients. Uniqso used Automated Emails asking to leave a review on a purchased item, which can be done right in the email without redirecting to the site. This feature helped dramatically increase the number of reviews left by the customers.

“The best thing about it is that customers can upload photos of the item they purchased when leaving a review. New visitors can easily check how the item looks in reality which increases the chance that a customer will place the order.“

Winning customer’s trust takes a huge part in converting visitors into buyers. From now on, UNIQSO doesn’t have to worry about indecisive customers.


Making their wishes happen

Another great way to increase conversion is to remind your visitors about the items they ever added to wishlists. Sometimes visitors add an item to wishlist with the intention to purchase it later and sometime after just forget about it. A great marketing product Lee Lee and Felix used to solve this problem is the Automated emails that Growave offers. Its feature allows reminding your visitors about the item they liked and informs them if it is back in stock, on sale or will be sold out soon. The email reminding that the liked item will be sold out soon creates a sense of urgency and motivates to purchase it as soon as possible.

“This platform automatically sends the right email notifications to the right people at the right time. So we can just set it up once and forget about it.”

Felix (co-founder) & Lee Lee (founder), UNIQSO


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