It’s a Sealed With A Kiss story about staying true to the idea and expanding the brand

SWAK, which stands for “Sealed With A Kiss” is a brand from LA, that was founded by Brad Capo. And knowing Brad as we do, he is super passionate about the plus size fashion industry. He works with an incredible team which helps him to make plus size ladies happy and gorgeous.   

We met the SWAK when we’ve just launched on the Shopify platform, 4 years ago. And Growave team have been helping them with their main priority – customers’ satisfaction ever since.    

“We love being able to see who our customers are and hear their voice. They loved Growave 4 years ago and still do today.”                                        

SWAK customers

SWAK had already been existing for 8 years for then, however, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. We have started our long-lasting partnership when Brad was looking for the solution to make the SWAK store more entertaining and engaging for his customer and, obviously, increase the sales.

“I needed a solution for social login, wishlist and social sharing. These would help me to enhance the sales.”

While SWAK did get a lot of site visitors and guests, there still was a work to convert them into actual buyers. The spectacular marketing events they had been doing garnered attention, but it was difficult to make it work for improving business.

“After testing a lot of other apps I’ve found it all-in-one marketing platform, Growave! I love that everything I need is all wrapped up in one platform.  I would recommend it to all of the shop owners, it’s surely what you were looking for a long time!”

Brad started to research the solution providers for the lack of social engagement and the absence of repeated purchases, but he was most impressed by Growave. The app had everything he needed to grow traffic and convert sales, and it was backed by a wide range of offered features and a loyal, friendly support team. 🙂

Exactly the Social Login product has helped SWAK to simplify account registration and remove barriers in the shopping process, which has led to the massive return on their investment and the hard work of their team.

Social Login gathers email addresses and uses them in your email campaigns. It has increased SWAK’s signups for 52% and each 3rd login comes from Facebook, Amazon, and Google.

“The wide range of the offered features in one platform for the nice price has made Growave stand out over others that I’ve considered in Shopify App store.”

Brad also used the Wishlist product to boost traffic and encourage visitors to engage with the website. Within weeks customers and purchases were flowing in.  
And every time I go browsing this inspiring store I see that the Wishlist is SWAK customers’ favorite feature from all the offered ones. They love to play with the Wishlist.

SWAK uses Wishlists to add another level of social proof. They display how many people added each piece to wishlists. It really works well. These 3-digit numbers not only increase buyer trust for the brand but also attract more attention to the popular pieces. The “wishlist popular” pieces are selling better and getting more reviews.

Also, the Wishlist has helped SWAK to convert shoppers intentions to sales by collecting email addresses and sending a series of 3 personalized emails. Its feature helps to politely remind visitors about their wishlists and even include a coupon code to encourage them to buy. Moreover, customers can buy from another person’s Wishlist.

“Social media has become such a powerful dot connector between the business and the consumer and we soak it up. There isn’t a day that goes by, in our office, that we aren’t cooing over an Instagram followers baby or drooling over a yummy recipe on Pinterest.”

And yeah, they really do love to stay connected with their customers by social media. That’s why SWAK use our Shoppable Instagram galleries, that pulls the pictures from their official Instagram account and display it in a beautiful gallery on the homepage, separate page, and even product pages. The feature of tagging products on Instagram photos and making them shoppable in the website helped Brad to convert site-surfers onto real customers. They can instantly buy the liked items right from photos in the gallery without interrupting the shopping on searching items on the site.

They have about 40K followers on Instagram and sometimes SWAK team even invite them to take part in the photoshoots for their site! Isn’t it cute? 🙂

Moreover, they have a cozy corner for their big family’s members – an interesting blog where they post style inspiration, info on the behind the scenes aspects of their shoots, and opinions on garments from real women like we are.

Growave has helped SWAK to get the customer’s engagement and sales to the next level. It has created a new sales funnel for SWAK, converted browsing visitors, reactivated idle customers and has helped to get more orders instead of abandoned carts and win back disappointed customers. It’s a big, popular brand with thousands of customers and impressive sales now. We believe that success is inevitable when you have an idea and dedication like SWAK team have demonstrated. The only matter is to find the right solution that is all in to help you.

The Growave team has tried its best to help  SWAK to socialize their store and make it a place where you want to come back, again and again, to get inspiration, because our team gets it every time.

While SWAK is selling confidence and empowerment and design clothes with every curvy girl in mind, Growave sits quietly in the background, boosting SWAK’s sales and helping them glow up. 🙂

Here at Growave, we live and die by our customers’ successes and failures. We are happy to be a part of today’s story. SWAK is all about loving what you do and being obsessed with the idea of helping people and we are like minds here:

“We loved it for results it given to us and the passion with they were answering our questions and helping us to utilize Growave in our campaigns.”

Brad Capo (founder), SWAK