July Roundup: Integration with PushOwl, Updated Dashboard & Social Sharing, and other great improvements

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Aug 15, 2018 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on May 7, 2019.


Hiya! I am here to make your summer cooler! The big news this month is that we have launched exciting new integration between Growave and PushOwl. This integration can help grow your business by sending the right automatic notification to the right audience at the right time. Also, we have added a separate section for all Partner Integrations in the dashboard to let you quickly find the available joint integrations and use them together with our lovely one. Please check these and other sweet updates here below.


PushOwl Integration

This integration allows you to reach your customers anywhere and everywhere on multiple browsers, devices, and platforms. Now you can send rather more automatic web push notifications for review request and wishlist reminders and increase your sales as well as improve your customers’ engagement in your brand.

You can start using PushOwl app with one-click installation button in the admin panel. No coding skills are required. All the settings for transforming existing automated emails into the web push notifications are in the admin panel of our app.

Simple management. You will only need to click on the ‘edit messages’ button and choose which push notification you would like to send out. They can be review request or wishlist reminders. Then you can easily edit notifications, preview them, and get your customer pleased with the best message.


Reviews: you can easily enable/disable 3 series of push notifications, which are fully customizable.


Wishlist: there are 3 different and fully customizable push notifications: “Your loved items are waiting for you”, “Something you like is on sale” and “Something you like will be sold out soon”. Enable them at one time or run these push notifications periodically at different times.


Integrations Section

We have improved the dashboard to make it super easy to check available integrations so that you could see the difference and choose the most appropriate one that matches your current marketing goals. For now, the integrations section has 3 fantastic apps. You can manage them and monitor their status.


Sharing Reviews

A new tool allows you to break barriers and even more to popularize a ‘sharing reviews’. Now all customers in spite of the fact that they left a review or not will be able to share reviews that they liked in your store.

For customers convenience, we have added a new discount pop-up that appears after sharing a review.  You can check by testing “sharing reviews” feature.


Loyalty & Rewards app

We have created a new ‘Enter Birthday’ action to the list. It will let you express the extra love to your customers on their birthdays. You can reward them with the birthday bonus discounts/points and earn their loyalty just by making them feel more appreciated and valued.


Do you like these enhancements? Please let us know what you think in the comments below. If you haven’t tried the app yet, install it for free and try many more features to improve conversion.