Ready. Set. Grow. Boost Your Sales by Selling More to Your Existing Customers

“Make New Friends, but Keep the Old. One is Silver, And The Other is Gold.”

This verse from a children’s song has a different meaning in a world of eCommerce, referring to acquiring new customers, that cost much more to the businesses and end up spending less money than existing customers, making them silver, and valuing your existing customers as they generate more than 80% of total revenue, making them gold

It’s well-known that your existing customers always spend more money because they trust your business, as they already had experience at your store, and that gives you a great opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell. So make sure you use the right tools not to lose that opportunity to increase your sales and keep your business flourishing, as today we will talk about boosting your sales by selling more to your existing customers.

Get Ready, Set, Grow Your Business!

It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, it’s the same basic steps that are needed in order to sell more by making your existing customers feel valued and have a comfortable online shopping experience at your online store. So today we will talk about some of them:


Always reward your customers. Allow them to earn points for any activity in your online store – from making purchases to writing reviews and sending referrals. Points can be exchanged for discounts, vouchers or your store’s custom rewards. It doesn’t only make them feel valued but also makes them come back to your store to redeem their points and discounts and, of course, shop for more. One of Growave’s new update – Flexible Discounts allows your customers to spend their collected points more actively by finding the most affordable discounts. You can set up a variety of different discounts, both percentage and fixed amount, so the customers choose a proper discount for them and redeem their points. 

You can also reward your customers for actions outside of our app through Growave’s API with new Custom Actions For Rewards feature.

Keep in Touch

Communication is always the key. Keep trying to find new ways to connect with your customers and never miss a chance to ask for reviews and feedback to know how they feel about your products and services. Create email campaigns to stay fresh in customers’ minds, without letting them forget about your business. That way it’s more likely that during their next shopping they will prefer to spend money at your online store. 

Delight your customers

What makes your customers choose you among other competitor stores? It’s how they feel about your store. You can delight your customers by exceeding their expectations every time they visit your website. Keep it neat and updated, provide all the information and photos they need, add new fun things for customers and make them enjoy their shopping. If you can delight your customers and meet their expectations, you can be sure they will keep coming back to shop at your store.


Your existing customers also promote your business. They do it by writing reviews, sharing on social media and word-of-mouth. People talk all the time, and it improves the chances of your customers recommending your business to their friends, family, and colleagues. But don’t forget to thank your customers for all types of referrals by rewarding them. For example, you can offer your customers some sweet discounts for social sharing to encourage them to share your brand and products on their social media and writing a review.

Targeted marketing

It’s important to know your customers – who they are, what they like and what they want, and create properly targeted marketing campaigns in order to reach those customers that will actually buy and use the products or services being advertised. This also means up-selling, cross-selling and flash sales. Encourage your customers to purchase related items or comparable higher-end products.

Never forget that customers are loyal to a great service or product. So try to keep your service top-notch, thank and reward your customers, and always provide quality products. That way your customers will love your store and buy again and again from you, keeping your sales growing and your business thriving.