Stick to your brand style when you launch your loyalty program

You can easily get lost among different offers and ads on the internet. In fact, online stores offer very similar goods. However, we shop from particular ones. Usually, we stop on a branded store that we can recognize by the distinctive features, i.e. its branding is on the highest level.

As you know, a brand, it is the idea of a specific product or service that you connect with via the name, logo, and design of the company who owns that idea. When it is recognizable by more and more people, it brings more sales. And branding means not only brand recognition but building a good reputation so that finally your name and your reputation will work for sale.

Keep it in mind and focus on the very first customer experience. It is like being on a first date where the first impressions are key. In our case, it starts with the customer’s very first visit, then in-store experience. So your brand and best ideas should be illustrated in the unique style and reflected in everything you do.

Loyalty program as a part of successful branding

When we list the key features of the favorite brand, we usually say about the high quality of products, good service, and an attractive loyalty program.

Oh yeah, that loyalty program! 🙂

Because it has become a difference, creating additional value, especially in the harsh reality of competition for consumer demand.

Set your loyalty program, as a part of your branding and it can become a real competitive advantage and a driver for your business success. Make sure that it translates the same values as you do. Because it is important to be consistent and follow the chosen brand positioning when you build your own loyalty program.

We know how important it is not to lose yourself while building a loyalty program, so we leave a lot of space in our Loyalty & Rewards product for shop owners to set it as they want. They can choose a logo, adjust a design, create their own criteria, etc.

There is no single recipe, but it’s better to follow some of the basic principles and rules that can help you reduce the risks of a failed launch and increase the base of regular customers.

Attention! Starting the program is simple; it is much more difficult to change it if something went wrong. Customers react painfully to any changes, even those that potentially benefit them. Therefore, before announcing a loyalty program to customers, check out the main moments here below. 

#1. All ingenious is simple!

Simple and clear rules. Do not be wise. Both young and old customers should understand what the program benefits and what should be done. And it is not a good idea to collect the best practices that are on the Shopify market and combine them all in your program. The result is, as in a joke:

– What do you get when a snake and a hedgehog mate? (Two yards of barbed wire).

So convenience and ease of use rewards are the guarantees for success.

#2. Easy to remember things you don’t need to remember!

Let your customers earn points without having to memorize the amount of earned points. It’s better to give points automatically when an action has been completed and send a notification email. Also, it’s very comfortable to track the balance when it’s displayed right there.

#3. More prizes, more fun!

Engage your customers with a choice of cool rewards like a fixed amount of money, sweet percentage discounts or free shipping. Let customers redeem earned points, as they want.

Eliminate confusion in the calculations. Everything should be simple; customers should not divide or multiply points in order to redeem for a wished reward. They must know for sure how many points they need to earn in order to get a definite reward.

#4. Birthday is a great time to give out gifts or rewards!

The best feeling ever is when you receive an unexpected present. That’s why birthday gifts are an important part of loyalty programs. Get personal with your clients by celebrating their BDays. Make special offers for their special day. It will greatly increase customers retention, and cement the relationship you have with them.

 #5. Everyone loves to be special!

Thank the most loyal customers you have using a system of ranks or tiers. It will let you keep the best ones engaged with your loyalty program, i.e. with your brand.

For example, when reaching a certain condition, customers in addition to or instead of points gets a special status that allows them to enjoy certain privileges or get access to additional features.

Or you can set it to be related to the purchase: upon the first purchase, customers receive a basic tier and a small reward in order to engage in the program and lay the foundation for subsequent communications. The value of points and privileges provided should increase as the amount and frequency of purchases increases.

The higher the rank, the more privileges and exclusive opportunities customers have.

Get the details: New VIP program in Loyalty & Rewards app, Integration with Shopify Flow & Klaviyo, and other great enhancements.

And last but not least, you do not need millions to build a strong loyalty brand for your rewards program. The most important thing is to be creative and follow a proven style of your business. 

Try our Loyalty & Rewards program and you will rock it!  🙂 Also, there are some more tools on the market that could help you achieve it. You can check and find the most suitable one here.