Yotpo vs. Growave: A Detailed Comparison

yotpo vs growave

With the global growth of eCommerce, the Shopify app market has never been as dense and rich as it is today.

On the upside – there is so much more to choose from now.

On the downside – there is so much more to choose from.

This can mean a never-ending headache of juggling limited resources and time, constantly weighing alternatives against each other and wading through an endless sea of information.

To save you some time with this, we’ve decided to make a side-by-side comparison between two popular Shopify marketing platforms: Growave and Yotpo.

In so-doing, we’ll be looking across several categories for this apps, such as functionality, pricing, customer service, etc.

Learn more on how Growave compares to Yotpo and vice versa.

So, let’s dive in!

Yotpo vs. Growave: A Detailed Comparison

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Rating4.7 ☆ 4.9 ☆
Review count2245 1131
Free plan
Native language support
Demo store view view
Main Features
Loyalty and Rewards
Shoppable Instagram
Social Login

Plans and Pricing

yotpo pricing
yotpo pricing
growave pricing


With platforms as extensive as these, it’s hard to compare functionality across all possible plans and features. So for the brevity’s sake, we’ll be focusing on Growth plan only as one of the more available and popular plans for these platforms.


Product and Site Reviews
Photo Reviews
2-in-1 Reviews (for both Site and Product)
Coupon for a Review
Automated Email Review Requests
Email Customization
HTML Editor
Premium plan feature
Email Upsells (including top-rated products widget in emails)
Reviews Import
Custom Reviews (for manual adding of past customers)
Invoice-based Reviews (for offline purchases)
On-site Display
Review Tab and Widget
Review Badge
Review Carousel
Top-rated Products Widget
Review Moderation and Replies
Auto-publish of Best Reviews
Manual Highlighting of Best Reviews
Custom Avatar and Star Icon for Reviewers
Automated Sorting
Profanity Filter
Social Push (automated publishing of top reviews on Facebook and Twitter)
Google Rich Snippets (showing product ratings in search results)
Google Shopping Adds Prime plan feature
Google Inline SEO (boosting SEO friendly results on Google)
Basic Stats
Advanced Analytics and Reports
Reviews Sentiment Analysis

Customer Engagement

Community Q&A Prime plan feature
Wishlist Reminder Emails
Social Login
Loyalty and Rewards
Points Program Premium feature
VIP tiers Premium feature
Referral programs Premium feature
Analytics Premium feature

Shoppable Instagram Galleries

Photos Auto-upload Premium feature
Manual Moderation Premium feature
Product tag Premium feature
Gallery Look Customization Premium feature
Analytics Premium feature


Both platforms offer extensive functionality, so the difference lies primarily in the price tag. That is, while Yotpo offers more features overall, many of such features tend to be limited to higher-priced tiers.

And vice versa – Growave may be less robust than Yotpo, but when considered in its own price segment the app delivers quite a lot compared to Yotpo‘s similar plans.

Pros and Cons


  • High product quality
  • Smooth on-site display and customization
  • Easy setup and use
  • Extensive analytics


  • Easy setup and use
  • Affordable pricing
  • Feature-rich functionality with unlimited usage
  • Fast and responsive customer service

  • Unclear and/or misleading pricing
  • Slow and overly promotional customer service
  • Complicated uninstalling process
  • Increased web page load time
  • Fewer integrations with other platforms
  • Limited Social Login choices
  • Fewer analytics options

* The section is based on the merchants’ reviews from the Shopify App Store and TrustRadius.


Overall, both Growave and Yotpo offer high-end products. The specific preference will thus depend on the merchant’s needs, budget and priorities.

As a rule of thumb, though, if you’re looking for a robust product with extensive features and the extra costs (ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars) are not an issue for you, then Yotpo will be a great choice for your business.

And contrarily, if you’re looking for a greater balance between the price and functionality of the app, then Growave will make a great Yotpo alternative for your store.

One way or the other, we hope that this overview has been of help to you in your research and wish you all the best in your marketing efforts.

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Yotpo and Growave comparison FAQ

What is Yotpo alternative?

Growave is a cost-efficient alternative to Yotpo that provides a full package of apps like photo reviews, wishlists, loyalty program, referral marketing, social login, and Instagram.

How much Yotpo’s Growth plan cost?

For 200-500 monthly orders it will cost you $199/mo.
While Growave offers Growth plan for $69.99/mo

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