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Looking for Yotpo alternative to switch to? Go Growave!

Thousands of brands made their decision and migrated from Yotpo

Growave full featured marketing platform combines Reviews, Wishlists, Loyalty & Rewards, Instagram and Social login in one solution.

  • Affordable
  • Credible
  • UI Intuitive

Free trial. Easy setup. Cancel any time.

13,000+ leading and fast-growing brands trust Growave

Why do people choose Growave over Yotpo?

Price transparency

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Our goal - maintain long term business relationship with our customers.
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The main pillar is our transparent pricing policy. We do not have hidden costs and we do not overcharge our customers.
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We feel that having the transparent and open prices will bring benefits for all of us.
Vetiver Aromatics
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Growave is AMAZING. I was using YOTPO, but I really wanted social login, and loyalty programs, and a wishlist, and community...some of which YOTPO offers but for a steeper price.

And I was using Omnisend for my abandoned cart sequence, but once I started getting into the other emails and realized Omnisend couldn’t replace Shopify’s automated order confirmations, I started looking elsewhere and found Growave. Growave has it all and their graphic designer did our emails and they are BEAUTIFUL AND ON BRAND. And amazing customer service too!


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We know that every cost of running a business is considered when it comes to an issue where you need to decide what to take with you on board.
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Our mission - bring high-quality products at affordable price.
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THIS IS A MUST HAVE APP!! I was previously with Yotpo and decided to look into other more affordable and service friendly alternative and that’s when I found SocialShopWave. So far I’m very impressed with all the great features this app has to offer, not to mention their awesome customer service. Edgar and his team have been extremely helpful answering all my questions and assisting me every step of the way. Their interface is very user friendly and for a non techy like me, setting up was super easy. They truly understand the needs of small businesses :)

All-in-one solution

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Affiliate Marketing
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Social login
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Loyalty & Rewards
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Web Nudges
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Instagram & UGC
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Smart Popups
Our no-brain solution covers all your business needs for marketing your store.
You have nothing to worry about adding extra apps to you store and overload it, like Yotpo with third party integrations.
Growave features are natively designed and supported in one place.
The Fine Shop - Global
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SIX STARS! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ One of the best apps ever, whishlist, loyalty, reviews, UGC, social logins and analytics, it even have tired points with many Engagement Based earning points and many redeem options ... we love this app so much ... the support is almost always live on the chat ... and if not they reply very quickly, they also do customize some features or errors on the spot, we use it on Shopify Plus and all our stores ... we wish they can connect and integrate Same loyalty points with 2 stores and connect the users since we don’t need to install on every store individually
Eat Play Wag
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This app is GREAT and have everything we need for the shop including collecting review, loyalty program, wishlist, social loging, and etc. We used to use Smile for rewards and Yotpo for reviews but now we just use Growave, which is half the price of two apps combined. Their customer service is very helpful an fast as well.

Understand what you pay for
Calculate the difference

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No limits on orders, reviews, emails
  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Points Program
  • Referral Program
  • Program branding
  • Reward emails
  • Shopify POS support
  • Nudges
  • Points expiry
  • VIP program
  • Reviews
  • Instagram
  • Wishlist
  • Social login
2000 orders
3.1 times cheaper
Up to
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Limits on reviews and emails based on a number of orders.
Premium plan
  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • Points Program
  • Referral Program
  • Program branding
  • Reward emails
  • Shopify POS support
  • Nudges
  • Points expiry
  • VIP program
  • Reviews
2000 orders limit
Up to
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You may cancel your subscription at any time. There are no obligatory and slave conditions.
when you want
You do not need to wait the end of your annual contract like with Yotpo.
and what to take
No excessive and predatory pricing. Our plans are for all types of business.

Last, but not the least Live or not alive?!

Live Support
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Chat bot
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Intuitive frontend & backend

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Growave advanced analytics

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Cancel Your Yotpo Plan

Canceling Yotpo free plan
To avoid sending unwanted Automatic Review Request emails or being billed unintentionally, please ensure you complete both steps below.
1 step
Remove the relevant code snippet(s) or application from your store admin.
2 step
Submit a request to cancel your account by opening a support ticket.
Canceling a monthly plan
You may cancel your monthly plan through the Billing page. To cancel a monthly plan, you need to take 8 steps.
Canceling an annual plan
To cancel an annual plan, for example, Pro, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Alternatively, at the end of your contractterm open a case with Yotpo's Support Team.