Must-Have Shopify Apps To Drive Sales in 2021

There are thousands of apps on the Shopify app store to choose from, and it is sometimes a challenging choice for a starting store owner. Whether you want to set up reviews, launch a referral program, improve email marketing, or ship your products, there is a third-party app for that. But how to choose the right app? 

To help you with this, we’ve made a list of must-have Shopify Apps (both paid and free) to drive sales to your store. If you’re are getting started with your Shopify store or already have one, then this is the right list for you!

Let’s dive in!


Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands to reach, engage, and convert their customers with ease. It offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions designed with your audience in mind, such as Reviews, Wishlists, Loyalty programs, Social Login, Instagram galleries, and much more – all under one dashboard and for a great price. Growave is best for growing Shopify businesses looking to build engagement, invest in word-of-mouth marketing tools, and increase customer retention. Growave has been featured in staff picks collection several times by the Shopify App Store.


  • Rich functionality – the app offers a wide array of features, such as Loyalty and Rewards, Reviews, Q&A, Wishlists, Referral programs, Social Login, Automated Emails and Instagram galleries.
  • Full customization – easily customizable from the app’s dashboard itself or with the help of ever-responsive customer support.
  • Easy setup and use – the intuitive setup process helps business owners to move to Growave in a worry-free and seamless manner. In contrast, the though-out UI helps them further navigate the app without any hiccups along the way.
  • A wide variety of integrations, including such tools as PushOwl, Klaviyo, Loox, Omnisend and more.

Price: Paid options starting from $19/month

Free trial: a 14-day free trial for Hobby, Starter, Small, Medium, Large plans and a 30-day free trial on the Enterprise option.

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DSers is AliExpress dropshipping solution and the best way to automate your eCommerce business. With over 100,000 installs and a 5-star rating, it is the safest and most widely used tool. DSers is here to help you find new products on AliExpress to sell in your online store, improve the quality of your suppliers and place all your orders from your boutique to AliExpress in a few seconds.


  • Import products from AliExpress in one click
  • Discover better suppliers to increase your margins
  • Place 100s of order to AliExpress in a few seconds

Price: Free plan available. Paid options starting from $19.90/month

Free trial: a 14-day free trial.


Gorgias is a customer support helpdesk designed specifically for Shopify stores. It lets you store all your customer communication and conversation history in one place, optimizing customer service processes as a result. Top Shopify stores use Gorgias to reduce ticket first response time and increase the efficiency of their customer support teams. 


  • Manage conversations from email, live chat, phone, and social in one helpdesk
  • Support for multiple stores
  • Respond in one click using pre-made templates
  • Respond instantly with live chat
  • Integrate other apps to your customer service app: loyalty, payment, shipping, ping & apple pay (soon)

Price: from $60/month

Downloadable Digital Assets

Deliver digital products to your customers easily with Massive Monkey’s Digital Assets app. Digital Assets was Shopify Staff picked in 2020, proving they’re highly trusted and reliable for any eCommerce store that needs to deliver digital products safely. Follow three simple steps to get set up quickly with your Shopify store.

1. Upload your files
2. Attach your files to your products
3. Customise your settings


  • Use your own company email address to deliver digital files, also attach purchased digital files into the customer accounts, giving them access to the files easily
  • Fraud protection – prevent downloads being delivered if Shopify’s fraud system flags up as medium or high risk until further verification
  • Ability to only allow customers to download from 1 IP address to avoid them sharing purchased files with others

Price: Free Bronze Plan, $5/month Silver, $10/month Gold, $20/month Platinum

Digital Assets app came up with a list of the best digital download apps for Shopify.


Putler is the #1 Analytics and reporting app for Shopify. It handles the real-time collection of data from your Shopify store and provides you Sales analytics, Customer analytics, Product analytics as well as Website analytics. Putler also helps you with marketing operations like customer segmentation, processing refunds, forecasting, sales heatmap, and lot more.

Fun fact: Putler, is one of the few tools that can help you monitor and analyze multiple Shopify stores from a single place.  Also not just Shopify, you can connect many other services to Putler like – Woocommerce, Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Bigcommerce, eBay, Mail chimp, Google Analytics, etc.


  •  Provide Analytics for SAAS as well as Non – SaaS companies
  •  Provides RFM Customer Segmentation
  •  Instant transaction lookup.
  •  Customer profiling and purchase history
  •  Multi-store reporting
  •  Automatic de-duplication, enrichment, currency and timezone conversion.
  •  Comprehensive reports on products, sales, customers and website audiences.
  •  153+ key performance indicators and reports.
  •  Issue refunds, manage subscriptions.
  •  Personalized growth recommendations.

Free Trial: 14 days free trial. Get access to all the features.

Price: Plans start from $29/month


PageFly Is the most popular drag-and-drop Shopify page builder app. PageFly enjoys a 4.9 rating from over 4900 paying customers – and consistently gets selected in Favorite Shopify Apps, or Staff-pick collection on Shopify App Store.

PageFly is designed with an intuitive interface, powerful customization capacity and a huge library of functionalities and features to make eCommerce effortless and help businesses build the perfect online stores fast and easy without any knowledge of coding needed.


  • Powerful customization capacity: Initially built by developers – for developers (or at least people with a background in development), PageFly has impressive customization power. The app also comes with an extensive library of 60+ elements, pre-built sections and 3-rd party elements/app integration, 40+ templates for most industries and page types.
  • Excellent 24/7 live chat support: PageFly provides helpful, quick and dedicated, 24/7 live chat support, even on Free Plan. Free Plan is also available with full access to all features, the only limit is the number of pages you can create.
  • Clean and optimized codes for better loading speed – pages built with PageFly have slight better page speed than those built with default Shopify Page Builder

Pricing: Free plan available. Monthly plans start from $19/month.


Skubana is the leader in e-commerce operations software. With native integrations into Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon,Walmart, eBay, and more, Skubana enables brands and retailers to grow beyond their primary storefront and compete in a multichannel, multiwarehouse world. The cloud-based platform unifies backend orders, purchasing, and inventory data from across your network of sales channels, fulfillment partners, and warehouses. Powerful automation tools handle order routing, accounting, shipping, and inventory management to improve operational efficiency and lower overhead costs.

Founded in 2015, Skubana is designed to help retailers, brands, and marketplace sellers boost their margins, bottom line, and multichannel presence. Skubana’s customers include some of the fastest-growing D2C brands and marketplace sellers including Tushy, Haus Labs, Snowe, Caraway, Nomad Goods, and LastObject.


  • Manage inventory across sales channels, warehouses, 3PLs,
    dropshippers, and FBA distribution centers.
  • Automate data flow of orders, inventory, accounting, and purchasing.
  • Program Orderbots to manage complex processes automatically such as real-time rate-shopping, advanced order routing, and creating POs.
  • Set inventory allocation rules and general inventory control per

Pricing: Starts at $999, for up to 1000 orders per month.


BeProfit – Profit Tracker is Shopify’s most accurate profit calculator & data analytics reporting app. Get a customizable dashboard to make sense of your store’s complex data and turn it into easy-to-understand graphs & charts.

The app automatically syncs with top ad platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. BeProfit even pulls Shopify Shipping data and shipping profiles – a feature you won’t find in any other Shopify profit tracking apps.


  • Understand complex business metrics
  • Connect metrics once with smart integrations
  • Get super intuitive visuals and graphs
  • Create and export custom reports
  • Track your profit history over time
  • Spot what factors need improvement to increase profits
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize your store

Price: From $25/month

Out-of-Stock Police

Managing out-of-stock products in Shopify could be a daunting task. Out-Of-Stock Police is the Shopify app that can solve this problem. You can find almost any functionality related to sold-out products: from pushing them down to the bottom of collections to hiding out-of-stock products or providing alerts when products go out-of-stock. Everything is automated. Simple to use interface with a set and forget approach, this Shopify app is a must-try. 


  • push sold-out products to the bottom of collections automatically
  • hide out-of-stock products entirely
  • tag sold-out products
  • get alerts about the stock going low or out-of-stock


PickyStory enables you to generate more revenue from every store visit with Product Bundles, Product Kits, and Shop the Look options. Bundles encourage your customers to pick additional items, make it easier to find other products in your store that they may be interested in, and finally increases your average order value and revenue. PickyStory gives you numerous opportunities for increasing your customer’s purchase. With the app, you can add a Shop the Look widget, presenting customers with a whole look consisting of your products, sell in large volumes for tiered prices, and offer customers to add products together to their cart for a discounted price. All the customer has to do is click the Add to Cart button, and they have a new bundle ready to go.


  • Upsell Bundles, Kits, and Shop the Look packs in one app
  • Works instantly (and with any theme)
  • Inventory – individual product SKU tracking

Price: From $19.50/month 

Trial: Free for the first 14 days


Nextsale helps Shopify merchants to build trust, increase sales, and grow e-mail & SMS lists with on-site widgets.

With Nextsale’s promo popups and bars, you can display special offers, add specific CTA to invite visitors to a certain page. Plus, you can reduce abandonments with the countdown feature and motivate visitors to order more with a free shipping bar that shows how many orders are left to get free shipping.

Nextsale’s on-page targeting tools, you can choose your audience – who should see your widgets based on visitors’ countries, preferred browser languages, and network IP addresses. You can also decide when widgets should appear regarding the visitors’ on-site behavior, such as time spent, scrolling, or exit intents. 


  • Build trust with Social Proof by displaying sales conversions including their name, purchased product, locations
  • Show website dynamics with Activity notifications by displaying live and recent visitor count, product views, and order count.
  • Grow e-mail & SMS lists with top bars and popups
  • Increase engagement and sales by offering special offers and displaying countdown message with top bars and popups

Price: Free and custom Enterprise plans available. Pricing of the five paid plans starts from $9/month. 

Trial: 10 days free trial


Easyship is a shipping platform that lets all merchants reach customers around the world with low shipping costs and increased conversion rates. So whether you’re sending out 100 shipments a month or 50,000, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

Over 100,000 online retailers trust us to save them time and money with smart shipping solutions. Integrate Easyship with your Shopify store now to see how you too can streamline your delivery services.


  • Ship Better with Easyship for Shopify
  • Manage your shipments in one place
  • Ship internationally with confidence
  • Offer your customers total flexibility
  • Give customers a holistic post-purchase brand experience

Price: Free to install. Users simply pay for what they ship. Costs incurred are shipping fees & additional options such as insurance and duties. is a time-proven Shopify application for upselling and cross-selling. Along with traditional tools, the app provides a brand new solution for instant product recommendations. With its Amazon-like Scout feature, one can automatically adjust product suggestions to any customer preferences in real-time. 

Scout gamifies recommendations by letting customers like or dislike suggested items right in the widget. So, “liked” products trigger the display of visually similar ones, while “disliked” products are immediately replaced with new offers. This way, the tool generates highly relevant recommendations in seconds and helps store visitors make a purchase decision faster. 

Combining upselling offers, cross-selling widgets, and personalized instant recommendations, you will improve the customer shopping experience and increase your average order value with minimum effort. 


  • The AI-powered Scout feature automatically adapts recommendations to shoppers’ needs. It enhances customer retention and increases the average order value with its unprecedented offers accuracy and gamification element.
  • The flexible condition settings let you choose products that trigger widgets display. This way, you will easily fine-tune upselling and cross-selling campaigns to any marketing strategy. 
  • The app offers a vast array of predesigned widgets to match any store theme. You can launch multiple campaigns based on top sellers, new arrivals, frequently bought together items, similar look, products customers may also like, more expensive items, trending now, related products, and many other popular recommendations.
  • With, you can show cross-selling and upselling offers on any website page, be it product, collection, shopping cart, checkout, or Thank you page, to suggest additional products at every step of your sales funnel. 
  • The built-in analytics lets you track goals’ completion and make data-driven decisions.

Price: Starts at $19/month.

Trial: 7-day free trial.

Intelistyle: AI Fashion Styling

Intelistyle uses A.I.-powered styling to personalize the customer experience of fashion retailers by styling their customers with the right clothes and outfits for them, increasing conversion, basket size and repeat purchases. Its AI learns by crawling the web for fashion photography and styles customers based on the latest regional trends, as well as the customer’s body type, hair, skin tone and personal style.

Retailers use Intelistyle’s services for product recommendations on the web, chatbots and CRM. Others use them to supercharge their customer service team by turning them into stylists. Intelistyle’s proprietary AI outperforms academic research and understands customer style preferences so well that it recently outperformed human stylists at London Fashion Week. Its fashion specific personalization delivers 130% more revenue than generic personalization solutions. Clients include D&G, MaxMara, Tommy Hilfiger and Yoox Net-a-porter.

Price: from $20/month with a free 14-day trial.


Richpanel is a customer service platform, purpose-built for e-commerce stores. The platform boasts an impressive list of clients. Top-grossing Shopify Plus merchants use Richpanel to scale their business without adding more support agents. Clients can use Richpanel to design self-service flows and automate 50-60% of their support queries. They also have an agent inbox that allows merchants to manage email, live chat, phone calls & social media from one place.


  • Richpanel’s self-service capability resolves customer queries, and not deflect it.
  • Customer Support teams get full customer journey data and context that is accessible instantly
  • Ecommerce stores can offer proactive support to their customers and free up agents from the mundane – focus on interactions that matter

Pricing: From $250/month for up to two stores depending on the number of conversations.

Trial: a 14-day free trial


Wisepops is a powerful Shopify pop-up app. It allows brands to create pop-ups and bars in just a few clicks without any design or technical knowledge. Their tool integrates well with Shopify and offers unique targeting and segmentation options based on e-commerce properties (cart value, product tags, purchase history, etc.)


  • Easy to use
  • Deep integration with Shopify
  • Advanced targeting and segmentation features
  • Includes all pop-up types: exit, email, mobile

Pricing: Plans from $29/month 

Trial: Free for 14 days 


Twik app uses a revolutionary approach enabled by revolutionary technology: the app gives priority to products, categories, and menu items that is most likely to be of interest to the specific visitor to purchase. There are also Add-to-Cart enhancements, navigation improvements, and more.

Twik-n-play features to boost sales. Twik app requires no configuration, no editing, no drag-and-drop, nor changing or adding code. All you need to do is (1) add Twik app; (2) approve the personalization automation; and…
you’re all done. Twik starts running and personalizing your storefront
GDPR/CCPA/ICO compliant.


  1. Increase Add-To-Cart
    Twik increases all marketing funnel steps on your store automatically:
    add-to-cart, add to wishlist, newsletter submissions and leads.

    2. Personalize Menus and Products
    Twik reorganizes products, navigation menus, localizes currencies, and more. We present each of your visitors with personalized UX.

    3. Boost Sales and Revenues
    Twik boosts store conversions and user engagement. Our engines are full GDPR/CCPA compliant, work in real time, and with no-cookies.

Trial: 30-day free trial.

Price: Starts from $9/month.


Carro is the #1 Cross-Store Sales Channel on Shopify. Carro is a sales channel that enables brands to sell more products and increase brand awareness through beneficial partnerships. With Carro, brands can sell more together by listing their products on other brands’ sites, allowing each brand to expand their sales opportunities and their revenue.


  • Acquire new customers through mutually beneficial partnerships with top-selling Shopify brands.
  • Expand your product catalog by adding complementary products from other Shopify stores.
  • Grow your revenue and your sales without any additional marketing and inventory costs.

Free to get started, subscription plans starting soon!


Nudgify Social Proof & FOMO is the simplest way to add real-world context to a Shopify store. By placing Social Proof, FOMO and Friction Nudges on key pages, users can show that they are a trusted brand and create a fast-paced shopping environment.

Since Nudgify is native to Shopify, it can be installed and customized from the Shopify workspace. Users can even add Shopify discount codes to their Special Offer Nudges to increase sales.


  • Show Customer Activity in Real Time – Nudgify shows verified customer activity (what people are looking at and buying) without any extra integrations, making it the easiest way to add Social Proof on Shopify
  • Low Stock and Free Delivery Notifications – Low Stock Nudges show when an item is nearly sold out, so customers make their purchases sooner.
  • Free Delivery Nudges show how much a customer has to spend to qualify for free delivery, increasing basket size and reducing abandonment.
  • One-click Install and Full Integration – Because Nudgify is native to Shopify, users can install and manage it without any complex setup. Everything is built-in, including a full analytics dashboard.

Price: Free plan available + paid options starting from $9.99/month.

Free Trial: Free Plan available


Prisync is a price tracking and dynamic pricing tool that helps online sellers set competitive but still profitable prices. Prisync users can monitor competitors’ prices and react to changes immediately. They can set up Smart Pricing rules, which gives them total control over their positioning and profit margins. If they want to beat or match anyone’s prices, the dynamic pricing engine makes sure they do.


  • Easy setup and use – Prisync’s seamless setup helps e-commerce businesses start monitoring pricing and stock information in less than a day.
  • Frequent notifications – Prisync users can choose to get notifications when there’s a price change.
  • Excellent customer service – A customer support team ready to answer any questions via 24/7 live chat.

Price: All sizes of businesses can find an affordable plan that suits their needs. A 14-day free trial is available for all plans.

Candy Rack

Candy Rack – is an effective tool to drive an average order value of a customer’s purchase with cross-selling and upselling techniques. The App is famous for its simplicity, modern design, and most importantly for its instant effect on the store’s profitability. With Candy Rack, you can encourage customers to upgrade their chosen item which might bring them more benefits or cross-sell related products generating more sales and demonstrating the breadth of your catalog effectively.

As a result, you increase the AOV of your store and satisfy more customer needs helping them to decide on the products they might need but have not considered buying by themselves.


  • Natural integration of cross-selling and upselling techniques to your store
  • Ease of use with no technical load
  • Improvement of your customer experience by showing the rights products at the right time
  • Free pop-up design to match your storefront style from the Candy Rack support team

Price: The basic plan starts from $29/month. Free pop-up design available upon request.

Free Trial: Full-access 14-day trial for all Shopify plans.

Gift Box

Gift Box – a little pop-up floating over your store pages that is meant to encourage your customers to purchase more or buy something specific motivating them with free gifts. The gifts can be issued under different conditions that customer meets, let’s say “Spend $50 and Get Product A for free.” Such an approach can drive your sales building trust and increasing customer engagement of both first-time visitors and returning customers. People might appreciate receiving something tangible from your side even more than a percentage discount.

Gift campaigns powered by Gift Box App is a must-have for your store if you want to build a warm customer relationship and boost your average order value.


  • An effective way to increase an average order value and thus your store’s revenue
  • Help to build trust and improve customer relationships
  • Motivates customers to purchase more not interfering with the natural purchasing flow
  • Free pop-up design to match your storefront style from the Gift Box support team

Price: The basic plan starts from $29/month. Free pop-up design available upon request.

Free Trial: Full-access 7-day trial for all Shopify plans.


Poptin is a user-friendly lead capture platform that allows users to create high-converting pop-ups and forms. These website opt-ins are proven effective in lowering bounce rates, reducing cart abandonment, acquiring more email subscribers, and more. They are also used by most Shopify business owners to drive sales and customer engagement. Poptin is a no-coding tool that operates using a drag and drop interface. If you’re not into creating designs from scratch, you can utilize Poptin’s 40+ premade templates. Aside from that, Poptin is packed with amazing features that are helpful in getting the best lead generation results, such as exit-intent technology, targeting and triggering options, 50+ native integrations, A/B testing, analytics, and many others. As of writing, Poptin is now being enjoyed by 140,000+ websites across 150+ countries around the world.


  • Grow your email list and acquire more leads
  • Reduce cart abandonment with exit popups
  • Offer enticing deals and discounts to drive more conversions
  • Reach out to the right audience with advanced targeting rules
  • Improve your tactics by utilizing A/B testing capabilities

Price: Poptin is free to use. To enjoy more advanced features, its paid subscription plans start at $19/month


PushOwl is the highest rated web push notification app. Recovering an order no longer needs personal information such as an email address or phone number. Reach your subscribers with an automatic sequence of push notifications that brings them automatically back to their cart. PushOwl can help you reduce cart abandonment rates, increase sales and improve your marketing performance.

Price: Free to install. Business Plan starting at $19 per month based on impressions. 

Trial: 14-day free trial on selected plans.


Do you know the cheapest and most effective method of growing your business is? The answer is growing your email lists: a cost-effective method that basically lets your store communicate any new updates, products, offers, or promotions, by sending out emails. And MailMunch is the perfect app to help you grow your email lists. Once installed, you can deploy all sorts of lead capture forms on your store (which btw don’t require any coding) to get customers to sign up for your mailing list.


  • Lets you create lead generation tools for your website
  • Manage complete campaigns from collecting leads to creating automated drip campaigns, abandoned cart messages and more
  • Intuitive software uses a drag and drop builder without needing any
    knowledge of coding.

Pricing: Free plan available. The Essential plan starts from $9.99/month and the Pro plan starts from $19.99/month. 


ReConvert is a simple yet powerful app that empowers you to build customized thank-you pages for your Shopify store. Use it to boost your AOV via post-purchase upsells, countdown timers, and related products. Plus, enhance your retention with post-purchase surveys, a re-order button, and more. With an intuitive drag and drop page builder, advanced analytics, and powerful integrations, there’s no reason not to join 28,000+ other merchants who are maximizing their revenue with ReConvert today.


  • Boost revenue with triggered thank-you page upsells & cross-sells.
  • No code, no scripts. Just drag & drop the elements you want on your thank-you page.
  • Take your results to the next level with powerful analytics.

Price: Free up to 50 orders per month. Pricing is based on a number of monthly orders.

Trial: Full-access 30-day free trial for all installs


PixelPhant is an eCommerce product image editing service helping eCommerce to get their product images edited by real professionals on-board. It is especially the best Shopify app, as you can easily install the PixelPhant Shopify app on your store and access the service directly from your admin panel. They have a highly trained team of experts ensuring that all your product images are edited according to your specific requirements, with a time around the time of 24 hours, or sometimes even less. The sign-up is free after which you are taken to your personal dashboard, where you can add the images, put in the requirements, and checkmark the services like high-end retouching, background removal, Clipping path and much more. You get charged as per the number of images hence ensuring affordability and precision at the same place.


  • High-Quality product image editing service for eCommerce
  • Quick turn around time to get your images when you want them
  • Multiple file format to choose from
  • Easy to track and stay in touch with your personal dashboard

Price: $0.80 per image for basic eCommerce image editing, with additional cost as per the service you choose or get a direct quotation especially for your eCommerce.

Free trial: Free image editing trial available to experience the service on your own.


Apteo enables eCommerce growth teams to predict user behavior through advanced AI and machine learning. With Apteo’s platform, anyone can see which customers are likely to churn, re-purchase, or are highly engaged. This enables teams to send smarter, more segmented marketing campaigns.


  • Apteo takes a matter of minutes to set up and get you new insights
  • Apteo will connect directly to your Shopify store
  • Apteo’s platform is also designed to help subscription-based eCommerce

Price: Apteo starts at $149 per month with a 30-day free trial.


TxtCart is a conversational SMS marketing app for Shopify stores that uses the power of automation and human expertise via live agents to enable merchants to recover lost sales in abandoned carts. It focuses on understanding the real reason for cart abandonment to offer help to online shoppers and convert them into buyers.


  • The app comes with a team of experienced eCommerce live agents who need no training to help you recover abandoned carts on your Shopify store
  • It also has a module that lets the live agents offer one-time, unique discounts to cart abandoners to encourage them to make a purchase
  • The app also has win-back campaigns, one-time promotion campaigns, and other automation on SMS marketing to help you boost customer engagement, retention, and sales

Pricing and Trial:

  • Get started FREE for 14 days or $1,000 in recovered sales, whichever happens first
  • Starter plan at $0 per month + 10% of TxtCart sales –


Increase your sales and up your upsell game with SellUp. Join 1000’s merchants who 10X their revenue by offering targeted upsell opportunities. With SellUp, you can create bold, precision-based cross-sells and upsells for your Shopify store. SellUp is powerful in that you can introduce SellUp just below the products main Add to Cart button. A great upsell app to turn single product orders into multiple product orders. Great for all Shopify stores including self-fulfilled, Dropshipping Stores, Print on Demand stores and digital product stores.


  • Brilliant in-built design settings
  • Seamless integration with flexible styling
  • Show a custom message/call to action on upsells
  • Post-purchase upsells
  • Creat add on / bundle style offers

Price: Free version available. Plans start from $14.99/month.

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC is a complete Instagram feed app, which is fully compatible with a new Instagram API. It’s been one of the first apps to integrate the Facebook Graph API, allowing for a more secure and stable connection. The tool offers a simple and easy-to-use interface while keeping all of the advanced features of the best apps in its segment.


  • Instagram stories.
  • Flexible galleries with four layouts to choose from.
  • Mobile-first galleries.
  • Tag products on the Instagram gallery and embed anywhere on your store.

Price: Free plan available. The Starter plan starts at $9/month. 

Back in Stock – Restock Alerts by Appikon

Back in Stock is one of the best Shopify apps to recover sales lost to stockouts. It enables you to add a smart widget on your product and collection pages, to let shoppers subscribe to restock alerts for the products and product variants that might not be available when they’re looking for it. It is the only app for Shopify stores that enables automated restock alerts on multiple channels – email, web push, SMS and Facebook Messenger, allowing you to bring back 33% more customers lost to product stock-outs. 


  • Automated restock alerts – email, SMS, web push and Facebook Messenger 
  • Segmented restock alerts (based on variants)
  • Multi-location support
  • Works with every theme
  • Supports multiple languages

Price: Free plan available

Install app: 

Trial: 7-days free trial 

Searchly – Advanced Search Widget and Product Filters by Appikon 

Searchly is a Shopify app that enables you to set up an advanced search widget and product filters on your store to make it easier for shoppers to look for and find the products they’re interested in. The app comes with a powerful search algorithm that supports typo tolerance, synonyms and also offers auto-suggest to online store visitors. It also lets you set up unlimited product filters on your store based on different parameters such as size, color, brand name and other variant data. 


  • Extremely fast instant and smart search widget
  • Full-text search (search by title, vendor, product type, tags etc)
  • Auto-correct typo search & spellcheck
  • Smart search suggestions w/ live product preview (thumbnail, rating, price, etc)
  • Search redirects to keyword-specific pages, content pages, products & collections
  • Synonym search for similar-meaning words
  • Stop words to exclude words for relevant search results
  • ‘Did you mean’ suggestions if the shoppers’ search provides 0 results
  • Unlimited and customizable product filters (product attributes, metafields, tag prefixes, product variant options)

Price: Free plan available

Install app:

Trial: Trial during free plan


When you control the customer experience, you have the ability to deliver personalized, memorable experiences that lead to lasting, high-value relationships with customers. Klaviyo helps businesses create memorable experiences across owned marketing channels—email, SMS, web and in-app notifications—by listening for and understanding cues from visitors, subscribers, and customers and turning that information into valuable, relevant messages.


  • Listen to your customers.
  •  Analyze behaviors and preferences.
  • Act more personally.

Pricing: Free to install


Next, in our must-have Shopify apps list is Omnisend. Omnisend is an email & SMS marketing platform for Shopify merchants who want to increase sales, not the workload. Full Shopify integration, pre-built automation workflows, and intuitive, no-code editing make it easy to get up & running without diving into the gritty details – unless you want to. 

More than 50,000 e-commerce brands use Omnisend to grow their businesses on autopilot, converting their customers with quick-to-build, highly-relevant emails & texts.


  • Drive sales on autopilot with e-commerce automation.
  • Send newsletters and targeted campaigns.
  • Improve your targeting with robust segmentation.
  • Combine email with SMS and more channels.

Pricing: Free plan available. 

Trial: a 14-day free trial available for paid features.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you found our list of must-have Shopify apps helpful for your business. These apps can help you bring out the best of your business potential by handling the rest.

If you are still not sure which app is the best for your store, try booking a free consultation with Shopify tech experts. They can help you choose the right tool stack to boost your online store!

What are some other apps that you think we should have included? Let us know in the comments below!

Shopify apps FAQ

What are the best Shopify apps in 2021?

1. Growave
2. Gorgias
3. Pagefly
4. Easyship
5. Reconvert
6. Omnisend
7. PushOwl

Where can I find Shopify apps?

All Shopify apps are available on the Shopify app store Most of the apps and unlisted apps have websites, you can access them directly or find them in Google search.

Do I have to install Shopify apps?

It is not compulsory, but 80% of Shopify stores have at least one app installed on their store.
Shopify merchants install apps to enhance their store capabilities and add additional features that Shopify doesn’t provide.

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