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Bazaardodo is much more than a brand name, It was born out of the passion of a couple of Sci-fi culture and Japanese aesthetic enthusiasts. This is where Growave features came in handy to retain loved customers and enriching their shopping experience.

Quentin Ren

Marketing Director at

This is the best Shopify app I have ever used, literally, it can meet your needs for shopify customer reviews, loyalty program, referral, wishlist, discount code manager, IG Store, customer community build-up, and even the recovery mail!!! This has indeed brought us an increase in GMV and registered members. 100% will recommend it. This is the Top 10 Shopify app you must have.
More than $400K
Generated revenue by Growave
+ 6.5 million
Points generated
+ 10.1K
Wishlists generated
+ 16.7K
New community members

Amirisu Shop

Growave shines when it comes to creating engaging customer experiences for Amirisu, which started as a knitting magazine with finest yarns and now has a shop in Kyoto.

I tried many different Loyalty apps but this one is the best so far! We were able to translate everything on the front end into Japanese, perfectly, which other apps didn't allow. Transferring all data from other apps went smoothly inspite of having large amounts of data. A great thing is that Growave's dashboard allows to do so literally with two clicks.


Meri Tanaka

Co-owner of Amirisu Shop

More than $600K
Generated revenue by Growave
+ 3.1 million
Points generated
+ 68%
Redemption rate
+ 5.6K
Wishlists generated

Plant Essentials

Plant essentials is North Queensland's very own trusted beauty remedy brand that has expanded their marketing with Growave UGC and engaging customer loyalty program.

What an amazing app! It's hard to find an app that does this much in such a seamless way. The pricing is very competitive and it's a great value for the money.

And such fantastic service. The assistance has been quick, amazing and precise. The team behind is extremely dedicated, very skilled! Love love love it.

Toni McMahon

CEO of Plant Essentials

More than $500K
Generated revenue by Growave
+ 792.8K
Points generated
+ 41%
Redemption rate
+ 20%
Reviews growth

Isle of Summer

Isle of Summer Label is designed for and by an awesome team of women. They are passionate about promoting inclusivity and helping women feel comfortable in their own skin through gorgeous, ethically produced designs.

Very comprehensive software, very cost-effective, and powerful tool. I love how well it fits into my brand design. Growave's tools in backend were helpful in adapting and tweaking the app to our needs. In terms of custom changes, this app knocks the ball right out of the park!

I did a LOT of research before deciding on Growave and I'm happy with my decision. I would recommend giving this app a go.


CEO and Designer of Isle of Summer

More than $17.2K
Generated revenue by Growave
+ 304K
Points generated
+ 10%
Reviews growth
+ 1.4K
New community members

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