Make reviews work for you

Growave’s reviews app is built exclusively for Shopify merchants to influence customers’ choices. Top-rated Shopify reviews app lets you increase conversion-optimized content by collecting photo and product reviews.

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Generate reviews

Collect photo reviews with automatic, fully branded email reminders. Build trust with visual product reviews and questions & answers. Reply to reviews, thank reviewers, resolve issues publicly or privately.

Enhance online shopping experience by customizing and displaying photo reviews anywhere to match your Shopify store design

  • Change the design of the sidebar, buttons, product reviews widget
  • Show a Growave verification badge throughout your store for all reviews
  • Increase the visibility of your favorite reviews in a carousel on any page
  • Dedicated reviews page to represent product and site reviews
Automated review request emails

Growave Shopify reviews app automates sending personalized review request emails to your customers based on what they have bought. And guess what? An email template is fully customizable.

  • Upload your logo, change colors, add social pages, and a personal touch to fit your brand design.
  • Collect photo reviews by sending reminders to customers who purchased in the past or using Shopify POS.
  • Analytics for automated emails let you measure your email campaigns’ success with essential metrics.
  • Maximize collecting quality reviews from all channels you use (email, social, site, push notifications, etc).
  • Build your own templates from scratch and rely on Growave’s team guidance.
Drive more shoppers to your Shopify store

Get found across search and social media with engaging and SEO-optimized content:

  • Display customer reviews metadata on Google search results
  • Encourage shoppers to share reviews on social media
Reward for leaving reviews

Generate more reviews and incentivizing your customers by rewarding reviewers with loyalty points and discounts for submitting reviews. Reward shoppers for their past reviews, motivated customers increase repeat purchases.

Build trust with strong social proof

Custom questions let your potential customers get to know your products better with detailed parameters by capturing smart and detailed reviews.

  • Create customized review forms that provide detailed feedback
  • Showcase product insights and characteristics
  • Showcase customer reviews with photos to obtain credibility
  • Stand out from the crowd with beautiful review galleries, carousels, and customizable widgets.
Questions & Answers

Increase sales by making it easy for a customer to ask questions and get quick & reliable answers from verified shoppers and your team.

  • Lets customers easily ask their questions right on product pages
  • Questions can be sent to verified buyers and your team members
  • Facilitate customer community interaction
  • Improve lead processing with trusted and unbiased customers answers
  • Improve site ranking using SEO-optimized questions
Import reviews

Easily import your existing reviews from any app: Shopify Reviews, Yotpo, Loox,,, Vitals, and more. You can import reviews in a bulk or manually upload them from offline sources.


Integrated with tools and apps you already use to maximize the power of user-generated content. Loyalty & Rewards, Gorgias, FirePush, Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, PushOwl, Omnisend, Searhanise, and more.

Trusted by 13000+ brands globally

Growave's Reviews app is a game-changer for us feature-wise, customization as per our business needs. Growave enables us to keep all of our data in-sync without worrying about time-consuming API. Integrations, the best part is to send and receive webhooks and consuming the Growave API.

Santhosh Kumar J, Lead Technology Developer at Baajao